All The New Battle Pass Loot In Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 3

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Season 3 is here in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and there’s a ton of new loot available in the Battle Pass. Space is the theme this time around with some notable exceptions, so if you see someone running around dressed as an astronaut, that means they dropped the requisite $10 on the Battle Pass. Just like before, the rest of the loot will require you to rank up as the Season goes on, receiving rewards as you go. You can also buy tiers, or you can buy a special Battle Pass that comes with the first 25 tiers unlocked. Epic developers have to eat, after all. As usual, all this loot is cosmetic only. More than anything, the Battle Pass just gives you a goal to strive for between matches rather than the main goal of surviving and winning.

It’s a tall order, and since the loot doesn’t impact gameplay, it means we need some sweet loot to motivate players. Let’s take a look at the outfits, pickaxes, gliders, back blings, dances and contrails you can unlock in Season 3 of Fortnite: Battle Royale:

Credit: Epic

The Mission Specialist.

Tier 1: “Mission Specialist” outfit. An orange astronaut that’s swarming all over the game right now. Part of the Space Explorers Set.

Tier 3: A banner icon of a cracked egg.

Tier 5: “Wow” emoticon, a screaming face with popped-out eyes.

Tier 6: Concept art of the suppressed pistol for the loading screen.

Tier 7: “Sawtooth” pickaxe, a cobbled together thing with a serrated edge on the back. Part of the Storm Scavenger set.

Tier 8: “Thief” emoticon. A crafty llama.

Tier 10: A banner icon of a bee.

Tier 10, Free Pass: “Salute” emote.

Tier 12: Harvesting tool concept art for the loading screen.

Tier 13: A worm banner icon.

Tier 14: “Heartbroken” emoticon. Sad.

Tier 15: “Rainbow Rider” glider. More than a little bit of My Little Pony in this one: purple with some kiddie-styled stars on the top and sides.

Tier 16: Banner icon of a dog paw.

Tier 18: “Boombox” emoticon.

Tier 20: “Rainbow” Skydiving Trails. The first of the new equippable contrails, these will add a little rainbow flair to your hands and feet during skydiving.

Tier 21: A banner icon of a sun.

Tier 22: “Rocket Ride” emoticon. A rocket with a saddle on it.

Tier 22, Free Pass: “Precision” back bling. A tactical back backpack with just a hint of red.

Credit: Epic

Rust Lord.

Tier 23: “Rust Lord” outfit. The first new outfit after the gimme, this one is clearly meant to evoke Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, just with a sort of scavenger theme. Part of the Storm Scavenger set.

Tier 24: A banner icon of an eagle. Go Birds.

Tier 26: A banner icon of a baby chicken.

Tier 28: Concept art of the tactical shotgun for the loading screen.

Tier 29: Banner icon of a dog collar.

Tier 30: “Bush” emoticon, for those that like to hide.

Tier 31: “Take the L dance. She was looking kind of dumb/ with her finger and her thumb/ in the shape of an L/ on her forehead…

Tier 34: Crescent moon banner icon.

Tier 36: “Ultramarine” Skydiving Trails. Like the rainbow trails, but with a shiny blue color instead. Definitely a celestial effect.

Tier 38: “Awww” emoticon. A cute little cat.

Tier 39: “Carbon” glider. An urban camo texture on the basic glider.

Tier 40: Banner icon of a crab.

Tier 42: Banner icon of a tophat.

Tier 44: A loading screen of Brite Unicorn concept art.

Tier 46: “Thumbs Up” emoticon. A severed hand giving its approval.

Tier 46, Free Pass: “EVA” harvesting tool. Something to fix space shuttles with.

Tier 48: “Thumbs Down” emoticon. Pretty much the opposite of thumbs up.

Tier 47: “Astro” Back Bling. The first new piece of Back Bling you can unlock: it’s basically an astronaut’s backpack with little yellow oxygen tubes on it. Part of the Space Explorers set.

Tier 50: “All Star” Skydiving Trails. Stars this time around: for when you’ve done an extra good job in Elementary School.

Tier 52: ‘”1 Hp” emoticon. To show you’re real low on health.

Tier 54: A banner icon of a bird wing.

Credit: Epic


Tier 55: “Moonwalker” outfit.  Looks to be a more advanced version of Mission Specialist, clearly from a better-funded space program.

Tier 58: “Hot Dawg” emoticon. A very cool wiener.

Tier 60: Concept art of the minigun for the loading screen.

Tier 62: Banner icon of a snake.

Tier 63: “Best Mate” dance. Not sure what’s up with this, but clearly conveys excitement.

Tier 64: “Hoarder” emoticon. A little squirrel guarding its nut.

Tier 66: Banner icon of a teddy bear.

Tier 68: “Bubbles” Skydiving Trails. Just what it sounds like. We’re leaving the space theme a little at this point, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Credit: Epic

The Dark Voyager.

Tier 70: “Dark Voyager” outfit. Going a little sci-fi now. The Dark Voyager is an all black astronaut’s outfit with some glowing orange detail. Part of the Space Explorer’s set.

Tier 71: “Dark Matter” Back Bling. A black version of the Astro back bling with a little blue display in the middle. Part of the Space Explorers set.

Tier 72: A banner icon of a rainy cloud, albeit a pretty chipper one.

Tier 74: “200 IQ” play emoticon, to show how smart someone is. Or yourself.

Tier 76: Concept art of the “raptor” costume for the loading screen.

Tier 78: Banner icon of a wolf.

Tier 79: “Trusty No. 2” harvesting tool. A black hammer with a pencil in it. Is this from John Wick 2? I haven’t seen John Wick 2.

Tier 80: “Flaming Rage” emoticon. A little flaming piece of poop.

Tier 82: Banner icon of a happy little whale.

Tier 84: “Flames” Skydiving Trails. Enter like you re-entering, and announce your position in the process.

Tier 86: “Kaboom” emoticon. A mushroom cloud.

Credit: Epic

The Elite Agent.

Tier 87: “Elite Agent” outfit. A black ops kind of thing with urban camo on the pants. Part of the Black Vector set.

Tier 88: Banner icon of a lightning strike.

Tier 90: “Majestic” emoticon. A deeply majestic unicorn.

Tier 92: Concept art of the Elite Agent outfit for the loading screen.

Tier 94: A medieval flail banner icon.

Tier 95: “The Robot” dance. The space theme wouldn’t be complete without it.

Tier 97: “#1” emoticon. A foam hand that gets the point across.

Tier 99: A T-Rex skull emoticon.

Credit: Epic.

Definitely not John Wick.

Tier 100: “The Reaper” outfit, which may be the most amazing thing in the game yet. It’s Keanu Reeves from John Wick in everything but name, and it will make you a feared presence on the battlefield.


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