Bill Hader’s 12 Best Characters Ranked, From Stefon to Vincent Price (Photos)

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Bill Hader’s gift is that he’s better at impersonating oddballs, like late horror icon Vincent Price and politico James Carville, than doing another Schwarzenegger. He’s a deep movie buff (have you seen IFC’s “Documentary Now!”), obsessed with corny TV (his kooky interviewer Vinny Vedecci on “SNL”), and he can play either the love interest to Amy Schumer (“Trainwreck”) or a total creeper (“Dateline”‘s Keith Morrison, another “SNL” role). That mix of relatable and weird makes him perfect to play “Barry,” a Midwestern assassin who has a change of heart to become an actor. Ahead of the show’s premiere on HBO this Sunday, TheWrap has ranked his best characters, from good to great.

Stefon Bill Hader


1. Stefon   Yes yes yes yes yes. The genius of Stefon can’t be summed up with one thing. He’s got everything: the ridiculous green shirt, the sexually explicit puns, the absurd clubs named after nonsense words, those gleefully offensive things he does to “midgets” (his word, not ours). Most “Weekend Update” characters just have ONE joke good enough to run into the ground. Stefon’s been back more than a dozen times and always finds new, inappropriate nightlife recommendations. He’s a complex enough character that you can imagine him getting married to Seth Meyers. Stefon’s hands over his mouth may just be to hide Hader’s giggling, but it’s made Stefon forever endearing.

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