CDC Denies That Missing Scientist Was Passed Over For Job Promotion

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A month after the mysterious disappearance of Timothy Cunningham, the CDC clarified he was granted an early promotion. This contradicts the Atlanta police’s statement claiming he was upset about being turned down for a career advancement.  ( Timothy Cunningham | Facebook )

For the first time since epidemiologist Timothy Cunningham went mysteriously missing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has broken its silence, denying the police’s claim that he was passed over for a job promotion.

The 35-year-old researcher checked out of the office in the middle of the day on Feb. 12. He told his colleagues that he was feeling ill but they later found that he never came back home. Since that day, Cunningham has never been seen again.

Without anyone knowing his whereabouts, several theories have floated regarding the scientist’s disappearance. For instance, Cunningham allegedly told his next-door neighbors to erase his mobile number from their phones.

The Truth About Cunningham’s Promotion

To set the records straight, Anne Schuchat, the federal agency’s acting director, has issued an official statement on March 12 clarifying that the missing scientist actually received an early promotion.

According to Schuchat, his promotion to commander became effective on July 1, 2017, and signifies his excellent performance in the U.S. Public Health Service both as an officer and employee.

A report describes his responsibility as a detective of diseases, which include investigating hot spots for dangerous viruses such as Ebola and Zika.

“We have not given up hope that he will soon be found. If Tim reads this message, we hope you come home soon,” she states, asking those who have information about Cunningham to come forward to the CDC.

Despite their conflicting claims, Schuchat also said that the federal agency is working closely with the police department.

This revelation from the CDC comes after Cunningham’s father Terell released images of his promotional ceremony just last week. They serve as evidence of the event that was held in July 2017.

Other Investigations On Cunningham’s Disappearance

After not receiving any form of communication from his son for a couple of days, Terrell traveled from Maryland to Georgia. All he found was an empty house, as well as the epidemiologist’s wallet, car, and pet dog.

On Feb. 26, police investigators searched the woods around Cunningham’s residence to find clues related to his disappearance but they weren’t able to find any. Although they do not suspect any foul play involved, the authorities are open to all possibilities.

His family has been putting up posters around the neighborhood and trying to spread the word of his disappearance with the help of the media.

Terrell said that his son has a history of “being so responsible and dependable.” That is why those who know him cannot believe that he would just simply run away.

The missing scientist earned his degree at Morehouse College and went on to pursue further studies at Harvard. He lives alone. The Cunninghams are pleading to whoever has seen him call 911 or the Atlanta Police Department.

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