Ford Recalls Over 1.3 Million Cars, Says Steering Wheels Can Come Off

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March 14, 2018 8:19 pm Published by

CBS Local — Ford is recalling over 1.3 million cars after the company found that two of their manufacturing plants rolled out vehicles with loose steering wheels. The problem is so bad that Ford is warning drivers their steering wheels could come off while customers are on the road.

Ford Motor Company issued the March 14 recall that affects multiple versions of their Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models in North America. According to Ford, the recall stems from “potentially loose steering wheel bolts that could result in a steering wheel detaching from the steering column.”

Ford added that if the flaw is not corrected the wheel may come off while someone is driving and “lead to a loss of steering control and increased risk of a crash.”

The auto maker says the steering wheel issue affects 2014-17 Ford Fusions made at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan from Aug. 6, 2013 to Feb. 29, 2016. The recall also affects the Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico where 2014-2018 Fusions and Lincoln MKZs were assembled from July 25, 2013 to March 5, 2018.

In total, the recall includes 1,378,637 cars across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico however, less than 80,000 of those cars were sold outside of the United States. Ford promises to replace the loose bolts with a longer and “more robust” part at no cost to the owners.

In the same March 14 announcement, Ford also recalled 6,000 manual transmission cars because of a clutch plate defect that could start a fire. That warning includes 2013-15 Ford Fusions produced by the same Mexican plant that was responsible for the steering wheel recall.


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