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January 14, 2018 4:44 am
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clemson-football-ferrell-bryant-joseph-choose-to-return-for-2018 Clemson Football: Ferrell, Bryant, Joseph choose to return for 2018

Clemson Football: Could the Tigers revolutionize CFB at the QB position?by Rubbing the Rock Staff

Clemson football received huge news Saturday night when it was announced that four juniors would return for their senior season.

It was announced that Clemson football players Kendall Joseph, Mark Fields, Clelin Ferrell, and Austin Bryant would return for their senior season on Saturday night.

This is huge news for Tiger fans.

The reports have been widely known that these talented juniors were thinking about returning for one more go-around and tonight we got confirmation.

One More Time:

I expected Kendall Joseph and Mark Fields to return. It has been said that Joseph wanted to go to grad school so I full expected both of these guys to return.

That being said, it’s huge news for Clemson football that they did decide to return.

Fields will be looking to really establish himself as an NFL-caliber corner this upcoming season. Kind of like Cordrea Tankersley did a year ago.

Kendall Joseph was a redshirt junior who was expected to be taken in about the fourth round. He will have the opportunity to come back and maybe vault himself up into the top three rounds.

Austin Bryant and Clelin Ferrell, though, I did not expect.

Bryant and Ferrell both, from what we hear, received second-round grades. Most experts had Ferrell in the first round as far as mock drafts are concerned, though.

For them to return is huge for the Tigers.

It basically will keep the defensive line in-tact and create a depth unlike anything we’ve seen with Clemson football in the last decade.

This will be the best defensive line in the country next season, hands down.

What’s left?

There’s only one junior left to make an NFL decision and you all know who that is.

Christian Wilkins talked at the team banquet on Saturday and said he hadn’t decided yet. He has until 11:59 p.m. on Monday to make a decision.

Wilkins has already received his bachelor’s degree from Clemson.

There’s not a whole lot of incentive for him to return except just his love for Clemson. That very well may be what it comes down to though. We will continue to monitor his situation, but either way, we wish big No. 42 the best in whatever he decides.


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