WATCH: Co-founder of gun control advocacy organization on 2018 midterm efforts

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Transcript for Co-founder of gun control advocacy organization on 2018 midterm efforts

And joining me now is mark Kelly, husband of former Arizona congresswoman gabby giffords who together founded a gun reform advocacy group that is working to put an end to America’s gun violence epidemic. Welcome, mark Kelly. Good morning. And I know you were out on the streets yesterday, here in Washington, D.C. And I know you’ve been asked this over the years. But why is this different? You’ve been so disappointed in the past. After Newtown, why is it different? Well, so first of all we haven’t always been met with disappointment. As an organization our organization now called giffords: Courage to fight gun violence, we’ve help passed over 200 pieces of legislation in 45 different states. So in the states we have a lot of success. Disappointment here in Washington, D.C., time and time again. That’s true. I think it’s different because we’ve arisen, you know, these young people seem quite motivated and they realize that they have been dealt an incredibly difficult set of circumstance, have been put in a horrible position to be in a school and have somebody show up and shoot at them, kill their friends and teachers and they want to see change. So that’s why I think this could be different. What would you tell those students from your own lessons learned, like whether they’re alienating people. What can they do? I notice a lot of anti-Trump signs out yesterday for example. Is that the way to go. Well, but what you may have also noticed none of them on the stage said Democrat or Republican. I don’t think it was said once, right? They realize it needs to be a bipartisan approach to change so they get that and they were pretty much on message. They’re smart. They’re articulate. They also realize they need to motivate their peers to show up and vote. Anything you would warn them about going forward. Well, I would warn them not to get discouraged. You know, this is often two steps forward and one step back. I had the opportunity to talk to a few of them yesterday. And they have a plan and this is not the last you’re going to see of these kid. Part of that plan and your plan is to register high schoolers for the 2018 midterms. Do you think they could actually swing elections. Well, if they can get enough people registered to vote and then get them to show up to vote, you know, historically young people if you’re under the age of 30 you have a pretty low chance of voting in any election. I think if you’re around 20 years old, that’s one in five. If you could change that number to two out of five people, that would have a powerful impact. After parkland, president trump seemed open to some gun proposals and those went away. Your organization said just two weeks ago we have two Donald Trump, the one who publicly embraced safer gun laws at the white house and then the one who distances himself from those statements through spokespeople after being scolded by the NRA. So how do you get the Donald Trump you want? Well, I think you got to be quick. I mean, you got to get the legislation passed fast because president trump on a Tuesday was pretty good on this issue. He saw — I think he saw the national rifle association in the oval office on Wednesday. They made it clear that this was not acceptable to them. The next day he dialed it all back, so I’m hopeful that if we could get congress, the house and senate to pass some sensible legislation, we get it to his desk I think there’s a pretty good chance he might sign it and if it’s not him, you know, we’ll work on whoever the next president is. You’re not giving up. We don’t give up. Thanks very much for joining us, mark Kelly.

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