WATCH: Hundreds of thousands gather for March for Our Lives rallies

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Transcript for Hundreds of thousands gather for March for Our Lives rallies

And president trump had no comments as rallies were taking place nationwide. The president backing away from his own calls for tougher background checks and raising the age limit to buy guns. But movi forward on one issue, directing the justice department to ban bump stocks. Gun rights supporters weighing in on the president’s actions. And the rch. Here’s ABC’s Kenneth Moton. Reporter: Tonight, as hundreds of thousands participate in the March for our lives, gun advocates are fighting for their second amendment rights. In Salt Lake City, nearly 1,000 showed up. A high school student. Police led advocates through the Boston common. In D.C., about a dozen or so counterprotesters. Far outnumbered. Law-abiding gun owners are no threat to Americans. Reporter: Meanwhile, NRA claimed on its channel today’s student-led protests were a stunt. Another example of adults hijacking a movement that perhaps isn’t theirs. Reporter: In February, president trump met with the NRA in the days a of the parkland shooting and appeared to open to working with them. Some of you are petrified of the NRA. Th want to be — Reporter: Late Friday, the president officially broke from the NRA, tweeting his new ban on bump stocks, those devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. We were disappointed to hear some of the president’s comments. Reporter: Gun advocates say creating safer schools will require more firepower not less. We protect our president with guns. When it comes to schools we put up a sign that says gun-free zone. And it’s not working. Reporter: But today, parkland students said the president hasn’t done since their white house meeting when he promised to look at the raising the purchasing age for guns. Stand with us or beware, the voters are coming. Kenneth joins us now, demonstrators calling for change tonight. What’s next in the political battle over gun reform? Reporter: Tom, this is a fierce battle. So many of the students we heard today calling on lawmakers here in Washington to take action. Many frustrated gun control advocates are turning to the states. Tom. Kenneth notton for us, thank you. And a programming note, join Martha Raddatz for more of our coverage of March for our lives tomorrow on “This week.”

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