WATCH: John Bolton replacing McMaster as national security adviser

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Transcript for John Bolton replacing McMaster as national security adviser

Sara and I say it’s overhyped. Former ambassador and fox News commentator, John Bolton, is trump’s new national security adviser. This man has called for preemptive strikes on north Korea and Iran for the nuclear programs. Okay, this is what I say, you know, just because these countries have nuclear weapons doesn’t mean that they’re going to use them. Because Pakistan has them, India has them, China, Russia. I mean, what is going on with this guy? I find him to be dangerous and it’s put me into a state of anxiety today. John Bolton used to be the ambassador of the united nations. He’s more than qualified. He’s a deeply hawkish man. He makes me look less hawkish. I will say that he understands global foreign policy possibly better than anyone else that’s served so far. He is not apparently — mad dog Mattis is not a fan of him and there’s internal strife. I love John Bolton. The American conservative which I guess is a magazine 0 are a website, they called him, quote, a madman and a ludicrous creature. There’s a fracture within the Republican party right now because president trump Han as a complete isolationist, anti-war — What about that? Every choice he’s making is getting more and more hawkish. The Iran deal when ambassador Bolton is whatever it is that he’s let into the white house, that’s gone. We will have higher sanctions on Tehran. I’m sure something will happen with North Korea. I trust his negotiations. Really? This is the third national security adviser that trump has had. That tells me that the foreign policy is just evolving and perhaps all over the place. But you know, we’ve all met condoleezza rice. She was here. What she said was when Bolton was at the U.N. He was often at odds with her and undermined her and went behind her back with Cheney. This is someone who undermined the person that was actually representing the United States. The thing that jumped out at me, when we talk about trump, so often when I worry with what he tweets, people that support him will say, it’s just big talk, his strategy. This guy they say has followthrough which is the scary part. Joe Biden said about him, miep problem with you over the years has been you’re too competent. I mean, I would rather you be stupid and not very effective. You would prefer somebody stupid in the white house? We have that already. No, there’s something to be said for someone that’s blowing smoke and tweeting crazy and not following through. Someone smart with competence Ares me more. Before we go, I want to say something before we go. I am relying on the base to turn on him for this because — Turn on trump? To turn on trump for putting Bolton in there. Because trump ran on a noninterventionist platform. These people who voted for him thought TRE would not be more wars for their kids to go to, not more wars. Joy, I don’t know why there’s hostility towards me. I’m not saying it to you. I’m talking to him. I loved — listen, people like me are thrilled. What you’re saying is not inaccurate because people like me are thrilled. I love ambassador John Bolton. He’s more hawkish than I am. Do you think we should bomb North Korea first? I trust him a lot more than I trust Rex tillerson handling everything with North Korea. Really? Yes. Bomb first, then diplomacy. That’s what we’re talking about. That is not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about aggression by the United States of America in a way, especially considering the Iran deal, where we’re not going to give our enemies the kind of power and money to — Once he blows the Iran deal why is everybody else in the world goi world going to say we can trust the Americans. All I’m telling you — we’re wrapping up. The base won’t like him. I’m talking to the base right now. We’re hoping that you come on our side.

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