WATCH: Karen McDougal apologizes to Melania Trump

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Transcript for Karen McDougal apologizes to Melania Trump

Last night I was home glued to my TV. Me too. We were ladies of the night. Watching playmate Karen Mcdougal spill the gut-wrenching details of her affair with the Donald and she says she does have her regrets. Let’s watch. If Melania trump is watching this, what would you want her to know? Hmm, yeah, what can you say except I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Um, I wouldn’t want it done to me. I’m sorry. She’s sorry. She feels sorry what she did to Melania, feels sorry for her. Join the club, okay, we all feel sorry for Melania right now. Yeah. Get on line. So why do you think she did this interview now, now? To clear her conscience about the other woman or is it the me too movement? If we’re going to do an interview with every single woman who slept with trump, that’s all we’ll be talking about and the administration is over. It’s not that, again, if Anderson cooper wants to spend time interviewing her and we were talking and I want you to explain the legal ramifications of this but if he did something with campaign money, if he did anything illegal, yes, I would like to know about it. It doesn’t surprise me. Everyone knows who Donald Trump is. He’s a man who cheats on his wife, sleeps with playboy models and porn stars and I don’t care. There’s no bombshell. I don’t care. Can I ask you something? It doesn’t seem like there’s any bombshell. He says that he has unprotected sex with both of them. Is there any bombshell we can expect? I don’t know. I have to tell you. You guys know I’m a family values person. I’m such a traditionalist. I was so disgusted by this whole taud tawdry thing. The interview last night? Yeah, the affairs. I know some people don’t care about it but I really care about it. I think about the Reagans and Nancy would look at her husband so adoringly. They had a beautiful relationship. I think about the bushes and they seem so together and so in love. I think about the Obamas who showed their love for each other. And then I look at this and I don’t know, I feel really disgusted that this is going on in the white house. I don’t think people don’t care. There was a time where I thought being a president or a first family went hand in hand with the images of what you were describing. I think when people say we don’t care, it’s more we’re so accused to it at this point which is a sad reality. What does that say about the president? It doesn’t mean that I’m side-stepping my own morals. It’s just saying that I would not get out of bed every day if I really had to get hung up on everything he does that I don’t approve of or is unpresidential. I wouldn’t be able to function. There are some battles that I’m like, this, I guess, is the new Normal. The organization is barely functioning because of him. I know who he is, the grab them in the blank tape. We’re all aware. It’s diss guging. There was a huge scandal about the fact that my mom is my father’s second wife when he was running. Don’t you miss those days, just the fact that he was married before was like a big scandal. But I will say that, like, her doing an interview, I think stormy Daniels is different because, again, if it has to do with campaign funds, money, anything where you’re breaking the law, fine, but these are two consenting adults that seemed to have an affair. I do think there’s a legal angle to this and I talked about it on “Good morning America” this morning. Please tell us that. So she signs this agreement that’s really, really sweeping and to not talk about her — Daily yenss. Dal yenss. Peccadillos we were saying in the meeting with Donald Trump. It’s the most sweeping thing I’ve ever seen it. Says that she can’t talk about it throughout the universe and in perpetuity. She can’t talk about it on Mars, it’s that sweeping. But then on the very back of it there’s an addendum that says that she may respond to legitimate press inquiries regarding the facts of her alleged relationship with Donald Trump. But the thread between this woman and stormy Daniels is that Michael Cohen, trump’s personal attorney, was involved negotiating both agreements, and it looks lik a form letter, you guys. So I keep on thinking, what other women signed this and how that affect the election. Was it done to affect the outcome of the election? Because if all these women came forward before the election, would Donald Trump be in the white house? And that could be a campaign finance issue. Right. I believe there is a legal issue here. Did you want to read something? We have to mention trump has denied the affairs with all of these women. We have a photo of him. We have a photo with — The last thing I’ll say though is that JFK, bill Clinton, Eisenhower, this is vot news. Thomas Jefferson. It’s as old as politics itself. Thomas Jefferson slept with his slave girl. He had a child with her. Yes. They have, you know, people that — Was that during a marriage? The wife was dead. That’s not an affair then. That’s a love affair. Well, talk about a power play. She was a slave. But they were in love. Well, I don’t know. Men have cheated on their wives since the beginning of time. Sally was very young. But they don’t make their mistresses sign hush agreements and pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars. The entire 20th century is riddled with adultery in the white house, just saying. Maybe not — Jimmy Carter even said he listed in his heart. He wanted to. Maybe not Carter, bush, maybe not the Obamas. Why should this be acceptable. Eisenhower had an affair. This shouldn’t be acceptable in our country. We’ve got bigger fish to fry in this presidency than affairs.

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