WATCH: Matthew Dowd: NRA ‘successful’ at forcing ‘mythic binary choice’ on gun control

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Transcript for Matthew Dowd: NRA ‘successful’ at forcing ‘mythic binary choice’ on gun control

And back now with the “Roundtable” and, Perry, I want to ask you first just your reaction to that piece and to the marches this weekend. Do you think they can actually effect some change. They already have so I mean you have Florida, Republican controlled state passes gun control. The omnibus bill that trump signed, small idea there is there. He something on Friday calling for the regulation of bump stocks and already seeing movement and a lot of blue STA statsta states passing new gun control. Next step is harder. Next step ultimately we have one party for gun control Ainge one against so the key thing if the midterms change the house that will make a difference as well but ultimately Democrats got to control more for gun control to be passioned. Shannon, when you look at this and you and president trump, does he just hope this issue goes away, pat the kids on the head and good job, see you later? Well, ultimately it goes to congress and despite all this I still don’t see any shift that Ryan or Mcconnell are going to put any gun legislation on the floor. There is still that concern that if they actually bring up any gun legislation, even something that Republicans and Democrats can agree to, it opens up Pandora’s box to amendments and certain minimums being put at risk in their district. So I mean president trump might want to push on this issue but he’s got to get congress’ cooperation and still the third rail of American politics for a lot of members. And part of that reason it is a third rail too is the NRA. Do you think there’s such a powerful lobbying group and some of the kids I interviewed sounded like they had just read that literature. Do you think this has hurt them at all? Do you think they’re at all worried about this. Well, it has hurt them if you look at the public opinion polls. Their favorability rating has dropped so it has hurt them. Also people are realizing the NRA has been successful by forcing this into a complete mythic binary choice and the binary choice they forced us into you’re either for the second amendment or for taking away everybody’s guns. I’m a gun owner. I own five gun, I I go hunting in a community that Wimberley, Texas, that is very much a believer of that but believe in the idea you can have certain gun reforms that preserve the rights of the second amendmentp and pass and I think these — the rally that was held yesterday and the rallies that were in Washington around the country is a step in the process. Keep in mind the Montgomery bus boycotts were in the mid ’50s. Rosa parks was in the mid ’50s. It was ten years before ledgettlation passed. Vietnam war protests started in the early ’60s and ten years before we withdrew from the war. I think if we can all come together and pick the low hanging fruit as those young members said integrated database, universal background checks, age limits on purchases which 80% of the country supports, then I think we’ll be successful but the NRA will continue to push this as binary choice. A false one. David, I just want to quickly end here. We have just a couple of minutes. About another look at the white house. How do you think president trump has changed in the last couple of months? Well, in the last few months I don’t know how much he’s really changed at all. He’s been who he’s been since he came down that escalator in 2015. Does he seem to have more confidence about being president? I think he — I’m in charge. It doesn’t seem like he has any hesitation. The key with president trump is that he’s learning the ways of Washington more. He is noting abouting a creature of Washington but getting the rye folks around him from a chemistry standpoint. With him it’s always been about chemistry. If he get the right people around him. Look what he does with “The apprentice” the game show. I call it a game show. Reality show. He was always pitting everybody against each other. He would say, hey, he said that about you said that about him. This is how he operates and I don’t think that will change. Shannon. A year into the job his allies would say he’s getting comfortable with it and feels like he has his feet underneath him and knows he who can trust and who he can’t. That’s what his allies and defenders would say and that’s what we’re seeing reflected. Do you think things will settle down. No, I don’t think he’s changed. I think the Republicans in congress are changing and being or less pushing him back on him. He’s gotten more support. The biggest news, Mueller being fired, the congress did nothing about it and don’t want to move a bill and September, Lindsey graham wrote a bill to protect Mueller. The Republicans on the hill are more behind trump since the tax cut and that’s a big change which emboldened him to be even more of what he wants to be. You literally have ten seconds. I don’t think he’s changed but become only more of himself and I think that’s problematic because one of ref I four of the people who voted for him wanted him to change and become more presidential. He hasn’t. Okay. I like it. One more. His base will like it. Exactly right. 25% of the country. Thanks to everybody.

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