WATCH: People across the country come together to condemn gun violence

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Transcript for People across the country come together to condemn gun violence

And we begin with the massive rallies across America. Teenagers leading the charge from new England to California. Hundreds of thousands taking part in the March for our lives. Demanding tougher gun control laws and an end to school shootings. Officials planning for half a million people in Washington, D.C. Crowds as far as the eye can see, 150,000 in New York. A sea of people in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Dallas and los Angeles. The movement led by survivors of the shooting rampage that killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas high school in parkland, Florida. ABC’s David Wright leads us off from Washington tonight. Reporter: Pennsylvania avenue. The main street of American politics, today packed with people. From the doorstep of the U.S. Capitol almost to the doorstep of the white house. Hundreds of thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder to condemn gun violence. At the end of the day, bullets do not discriminate. Why should we. Reporter: Young people, including survivors of parkland, some not even old enough to vote, led the way. When politicians send their thoughts and prayers with no action, we say no more. To those politicians supported by the NRA that allowed the continued slaughter of our children and our futures, say get your resumes ready. My friends and I might be 11 and still in elementary school, but we know what is right and wrong. Reporter: In New York City protesters marched from central park to times square. ABC’s Zachary kiesh in the thick of it. Can this movement, can your voice be the difference, the catalyst? It has to be. We don’t have a choice of whether or not. It has to be the difference. Reporter: In parkland, Florida, in Texas and other deep red states, in California and other blue states, the crowds exceeded expectations. Some of the marchers have a personal connection to this issue. I’m from Newtown, Connecticut. This issue hits close to home for you? It absolutely does. Reporter: A photographer for the eagle eye the school newspaper at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school she was there, locked down, when the gunman murdered 17 people in her school. Having been through that, it must be quite emotional to be here today. Yeah, of course. I mean, it’s hard to describe it just because it’s so overwhelming, it’s so much. But, I mean, I know that this is something that I’m going to look back on one day. A story I’ll be telling my grandkids. Reporter: Today, plenty of celebrities lent their talents and their voices to this cause. Among them, Paul Mccartney in New York who reminded the crowd how John Lennon was murdered. One of my best friends was killed in gun violence. Right around here. So, it’s important to me. Reporter: But it was the kids who took center stage. The emotional high point — Emma Gonzalez, a parkland survivor on stage for 6:20. The amount of time it took the shooter to turn her community upside down. The crowd there chanting never again. David Wright joins us live from Pennsylvania avenue, and David, you were out there all day and you were telling me earlier, the crowds and the concerns went well beyond violence in our schools. Yes, they’re against gun violence in all its forms, Tom. While we did meet one or two people who wanted to ban guns, the vast majority of the people that we met today say they want what seem to be reasonable restrictions. Getting rid of the high-capacity magazines. Of course, the gun rights community sees that as a slippery slope. David Wright leading us off tonight. And president trump had no

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