WATCH: Rumors swirl that acting FBI director could be fired before he retires

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Transcript for Rumors swirl that acting FBI director could be fired before he retires

Also at this hour, we are following what will be a major decision by president trump’s attorney general, Jeff sessions. Will he fire a top FBI official just days before his retirement? The FBI’s outgoing deputy director, Andrew Mccabe, four days from retiring. His pension now at stake. Mccabe has been a frequent target of president trump. And here’s ABC’s chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas tonight. Reporter: It was Andrew Mccabe who was thrust into the national spotlight after president trump fired former FBI director James Comey, Mccabe suddenly becoming the acting director of FBI. Soon after, asked on capitol hill about a claim made by the white house that morale because of James Comey was low. Is it accurate that the rank and file no longer supported director Comey? No, sir, that is not accurate. The vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to director Comey. Reporter: For many months, president trump publically went after Mccabe. Now tonight, there’s word Mccabe, just four days from retirement, could be fired before he retires. The justice department inspector general finding Mccabe allowed FBI officials to speak with a reporter about the Clinton foundation probe and then misled investigators who asked him about it. Those close to Mccabe say he denies intentionally misleading anyone. Tonight, Mccabe’s fate lies in the hands of attorney general Jeff sessions, whose decision could impact whether Mccabe receives his full pension after a 22-year career with the FBI. That pension at the center of one of trump’s angry tweets. “FBI deputy director Andrew Mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. 90 days to go?” All right, so, let’s get to Pierre Thomas, live outside the FBI tonight. What are you hearing from your sources, Pierre? What is the A.G. Going to do here? Reporter: David, so far in critical moments, session has often followed the recommendation of staff, and those officials are recommending Mccabe be fired. David? Pierre Thomas tonight.

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