WATCH: Trump signs $1.3T budget but vows to ‘never’ sign another bill like it again

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Transcript for Trump signs $1.3T budget but vows to ‘never’ sign another bill like it again

Now to the white house. President trump livid today. Just 24 hours after the white house said he would sign the spending bill to keep the government open, suddenly, he was threatening a veto, and this all comes as his top lawyer in the investigation quits. He now hires his third national security adviser. Here’s ABC’s chief white house correspondent, Jonathan Karl today. Reporter: Today, the president upended the political world with an early morning tweet. Lashing out against the massive spending bill congress just passed, the president declared, “I am considering a veto.” But wait, just yesterday, the president’s top aides said he was fully onboard. Is the president going to sign the bill? The answer is yes. Reporter: What happened? For one, the president’s favorite morning show hammered the bill saying it doesn’t pay for trump’s border wall. This is a swamp budget. This is a Mitch Mcconnell special, but there is no wall. Reporter: Soon after that, the president’s veto threat and then an all-out scramble to stop him, including an early morning call from speaker Paul Ryan and a white house visit by defense secretary James Mattis who argued the military would be hurt badly if the bill went down. Finally, the president relented. I will say to congress, I will never sign another bill like this again. Nobody read it. It’s only hours old. Reporter: The episode capped another week of chaos in the west wing including the president’s Twitter announcement he’s picked John Bolton as his third national security adviser. His first was Michael Flynn who was fired for lying about his contacts with the Russians, and then replaced by H.R. Mcmaster. He’s a man of tremendous talent. Reporter: Bolton himself seemed caught off guard. Your reaction to your new job. Well, I think I still am a Fox News contributor. No, you’re not apparently. I didn’t — well, I haven’t started there yet. I didn’t really expect that announcement this afternoon. But it’s obviously a great honor. Reporter: The arrival of Bolton, a former ambassador to the united nations under George W. Bush, puts a hard line conservative on the president’s team just as he prepares to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Question. How do you know that the north Korean regime is lying? Answer, their lips are moving. Reporter: He recently wrote that it would be “Perfectly legitimate” for the U.S. To respond to North Korea’s nuclear build up by striking first. By striking first. Jon Karl with us live tonight from the white house. And Jon, president trump is ho hoping to meet with Kim Jong-un by the end of may, and Bolton is on record with what he thinks should happen in that meeting. Reporter: He thinks the president should go into the meeting and tell Kim Jong-un, simply, tell me you have bun total de-nuclearization because we’re not going to have negotiations. You can tell me that right now or we will start thinking of something else. So David, if he takes the advice of his new national security adviser, it could be a very short meeting with Kim Jong-un. Jon Karl at the white house. Jon, thanks.

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