WATCH: Trump tweets that he will ban bump stocks

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Transcript for Trump tweets that he will ban bump stocks

as we head into a day that some believe may be a pivotal one in America’s emotional wrenching debate over gun violence. We have a live look from Washington, D.C. Where organizers say they expect upwards of half a million people for the March for our lives led my students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school with financial backing from George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey. Overnight a candlelight vigil vigil and told 800 marches all over this country and the world today, in fact, the March in Sydney, Australia, has already taken place. You key how young some of these students are involved. In advance of this event, president trump who arrived in Florida overnight announced a ban on so-called bump stock, those are the accessories that can be used to turn semiautomatic weapons into machine gun. So much happening we have team coverage and hear from one of the student organizers and from gun rights supporters but start with ABC’s Tara Palmeri who is in west palm beach with the president. Tara, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan and Adrienne. That’s right. The president acknowledged the thousands of students that which be protesting on his front porch but he’s not there. He is here in west palm beach. There will be smaller demonstrations but nothing like at the white house. Before he left he acknowledged their desperate plea for gun control. President trump acknowledged the nationwide gun control rallies just hours before thousands of students descend on the white house. Tweeting that he’s banning bump stocks devices like the ones used in the Vegas massacre. Trump initially suggested sweeping gun control after the deadly shooting in parkland, like raising the purchasing age and confiscating guns from criminal. We have to keep the guns out of the hands of those that pose the threat. But after a meeting with the NRA those proposals went nowhere. The NRA doesn’t back any ban. Reporter: The newest regulation was swiftly attacked by the right. Many are still reeling over the budget busting spending bill trump approved on Friday. Initially he threatened to veto the bill. That his staff one day earlier told congress to support. Is the president going to sign the bill, the answer is yes. Why? Because it funds his priorities. Reporter: The $1.3 trillion bill allots $1.6 billion for a wall along the Mexican border. Or 33 miles of fencing. President trump who asked for 25 billion fumes it wasn’t enough. I will never sign another bill like this again. I’m not going to do it again. Reporter: Less than 12 hours before a government shutdown Paul Ryan called him and secretary of defense general Mattis successfully made the case it was good for the troops. But then in a late night move trump announced a more narrow ban on transgender service members. The new policy bans troops who require surgery or medical treatment. That policy still is subject to court order against the original blanketed ban against transgender troops. The exact number of transgender members is still unknown. But officials estimate that there are only 200 that are requesting medical treatment. Now, democratic leader Nancy Pelosi slammed it calling it hateful.

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