WATCH: Who is John Bolton?

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March 23, 2018 4:17 pm Published by
  • Now Playing: Sen. Rand Paul: I’m an ‘Automatic No’ on John Bolton

  • Now Playing: Donald Trump’s White House Transition Rocked by Speculation

  • Now Playing: Trump signs $1.3T budget but vows to ‘never’ sign another bill like it again

  • Now Playing: Woman claiming to be Trump’s ex-mistress: ‘There was a real relationship’

  • Now Playing: Trump signs spending bill despite veto threat

  • Now Playing: SPECIAL REPORT: Trump says he signed $1.3 trillion spending bill

  • Now Playing: Trump vents anger after signing $1.3 trillion spending bill

  • Now Playing: John Bolton replacing McMaster as national security adviser

  • Now Playing: Will Stormy Daniels drop a bombshell?

  • Now Playing: Karen McDougal apologizes to Melania Trump

  • Now Playing: Who is John Bolton?

  • Now Playing: President Trump threatens to veto $1.3 trillion spending bill

  • Now Playing: Who is H.R. McMaster?

  • Now Playing: Trump officials who have left the White House

  • Now Playing: McDougal on alleged Trump affair: ‘Somebody’s lying, and I can tell you, it’s not me’

  • Now Playing: Trump loses lead attorney on the Russia investigation

  • Now Playing: Wall Street rattled after Trump threatens new China tariffs

  • Now Playing: Trump’s advice to 25-year-old self: ‘Don’t run for president’

  • Now Playing: Tillerson laments ‘mean-spirited’ Washington as he departs

  • Now Playing: Democrat questions Ben Carson over $31,000 furniture purchase

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