WATCH: Will Stormy Daniels drop a bombshell?

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Transcript for Will Stormy Daniels drop a bombshell?

Okay, before we let go of the salaciousness of these women I have to say that I am clearing my schedule on Sunday night because “60 minutes” is interviewing the other one, stormy Daniels. Her lawyer, Michael avenatti, he’ll be on “The view” Monday by the way for a little postmortem um. He posted this tweet teasing the sitdown. Look at that. It’s a photo oa DVD with the message, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many words is this worth. So what is on that disc, do you think? What’s on the DVD? I mean, it’s got to be something — you were saying you didn’t think it was anything. I say “60 minutes” is not going to go through all this trouble to have nothing. The teases are pretty big. He answers questions with, you will see. It’s not subtle. A sex tape? I don’t want to see a sex tape. This is a lot of hype over a long period of time. Stormy Daniels doing Jimmy Kimmel and all these things. The lawyer is all over cable news talking about her. I think at a certain point she is a pornographic star. Is there going to be a crescendo, a payoff for all this?escendo is a word I’m alud lllowed to say on daytime television. Again, I’m so disgusted about the lack of morality that we’re seeing. Close your eyes. But I trust Anderson cooper. I worked with him for seven years and I think he’s a cracker jack, ace reporter, journalist, and “60 minutes” is a wonderfwonderful program. Remember back in the day they exposed the Pentagon papers. They went to court so they could expose them. Watch the movie “The post”. I’m surprised that it’s much ado about nothing. Joy and sunny say it’s something. Sara and I say it’s overhyped. Former ambassador and fox News commentator, John Bolton, is trump’s new national security

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