WATCH: Woman claiming to be Trump’s ex-mistress: ‘There was a real relationship’

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Transcript for Woman claiming to be Trump’s ex-mistress: ‘There was a real relationship’

All week, there were many closely watching the first lady today in her public appearance after an interview overnight. A former “Playboy” model on her alleged ten-month affair with Donald Trump, and what she said about Melania trump. Here’s ABC’s Lindsey Davis. Reporter: Tonight, president trump boarding marine one alone. The first lady scheduled to be at his side but Melania trump was absent. Earlier, she was all smiles at the state department, presenting women of courage awards. Courage is the quality most needed in this world, yet it is often the hardest to find. Reporter: It comes less than 24 hours after that tell-all interview with a woman claiming to be the president’s former mistress. There were real feelings between the two of us. Not just myself. Not just him. There was a real relationship there. Reporter: Still, former playboy model Karen Mcdougal tells CNN the first time she had sex with Donald Trump, he tried to pay her. Did he actually try to hand you money? He did. He did. I looked at him and said, “That’s not me. I’m not that kind of girl.” And he looked at me and said, “Oh.” And he said, “You’re really special.” Reporter: She says the moment blossomed into a ten-month romance in 2006. The same year Barron trump was born. Did Donald Trump ever say to you that he loved you? All the time. He always told me he loved me. Yes. Of course. Reporter: Mcdougal says she thought trump might marry her. She claims he once even brought her to trump tower. We passed a room, and he said, “This is Melania’s room. She likes to have her alone time or to get away to read or something like that.” I’m like, “Oh, okay.” That’s when I kind of thought maybe they’re having issues. I didn’t ask. Reporter: Now, she is apologizing to the first lady. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I wouldn’t want it done to me. I’m sorry. Reporter: Just before the election, Mcdougal’s story was bought by American media incorporated, which publishes “The national enquirer” and is owned by a close friend of the president’s. They told her it would never be published, a practice known as “Catch and kill.” She’s now suing, claiming she was tricked into staying silent. Ami tells ABC news “The suggestion that Ami “Silenced” Mcdougal is completely without merit.” At the end of the presidential campaign, trump’s then-spokeswoman hope hicks called the claims about trump totally untrue. Lindsey with us. You mentioned catch and kill. That’s the practice where a tabloid will purchase a story to kill it and never publish it. It seems the strength of these agreements is being tested right now. Reporter: We’re seeing more Ander many of np we are, David. Both Mcdougle and Daniels are threatening to sue. We’re going to hear Daniels’ story this weekend. Her attorney tweeted out a picture of a cryptic DVD saying, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, what does a video say? This is going to back up her story.

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