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Local residents and activists condemned the killing of a hippopotamus that wandered into the town of Kédougou, in southeastern Senegal, on March 31. Several grisly videos showing a French hunter, operating at the request of local authorities, shooting the animal in the middle of the street circulated online.

Residents of the Dalaba neighbourhood in Kédougou, Senegal, first noticed the hippopotamus at around 5am on March 31, local media reported. Videos shared on social media showed the animal, which is endangered, making its way slowly down the street and occasionally veering toward stone enclosures as crowds gathered to watch.

A security team, including police officers, firefighters and soldiers, as well as staff from the ministry of water and forests soon arrived on scene. Authorities dispatched a call to François Huard, a professional hunter who manages the local safari resort Le Relais, and asked him to kill the animal.

The slaughter was shared on Facebook Live by Abdoulaye Barro, a local journalist. In the video, which now has over 16,000 views, local authorities are seen telling people to move back and creating a security barrier around the hippopotamus, which appears to be trapped in a septic tank. Huard then shoots the animal several times in the head, to cheers from the crowd.

Huard later tells Barro (around the 36th minute of the video) that he had never shot a hippopotamus before and that he fired five shots because the animal was “very solid.”

“It was for everyone’s benefit,” Huard adds.

Warning: graphic video below

Another Facebook Live video posted by Barro, which has garnered more than 11,000 views, shows a tractor moving the carcass as onlookers applaud. Barro then interviews a family who say they were frightened when they saw the hippo earlier that day.

Warning: graphic video below

As photos and videos of the killing began circulating online, many local residents and environmental activists condemned the act.

The Dakar Association for Animal Protection said in a Facebook post that it was “saddened” to hear of the hippopotamus killing and that “there is always an alternative solution to murder.”