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Four million people tuned into BBC One last night for a documentary, twenty years on, looking at the murder of TV presenter and newsreader Jill Dando.

Dando, who was known for her work on Crimewatch, was shot and killed on the doorstep of her home in the middle of the day in April 1999.

It remains one of Britain’s most high-profile unsolved killings.

Early reviews have described the documentary as “sensitive” and “powerful” but lacking answers.

Fitting and Balanced

The Independent gave the show the full five stars, saying it was “sensitively produced” and was “a fitting and balanced tribute.”

It adds the documentary “explains the pessimism of detective Hamish Campbell – who doesn’t think the mystery will ever be solved – with the help of interviews with Dando’s friends and family, and original police decision logs.”

The Telegraph ((behind a pay wall) gave the show four stars, describing it as “a powerful re-examination” but suggesting “a distinct lack of answers.”

Notable by its absence was an interview with Barry George, who spent eight years in jail for her murder before having his conviction overturned in 2008.

Explaining why, a BBC spokesperson said: “Barry George’s arrest, conviction, appeal, retrial and acquittal are addressed in the film with archive footage to recount the events.

“It was not necessary to have a present day interview with Mr George as this film set out to tell the wider context of Jill’s death and the fact her murder remains unsolved.

“Barry George has been kept informed of the nature of the film and transmission.”

The Guardian wrote the film was “more moving for its spareness, leaving the talking to Dando’s friends and family.”

In its review, The Times opted for four stars but said the show contained “no sensational revelations, just sad frustration.”

Ahead of the show airing, the much-loved late presenter’s brother, Nigel Dando, told ITV’s Lorraine Kelly Show that he doubted his sister’s killer will be found and that her killer “struck lucky.”

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Image caption Mourners line the streets of Weston-super-Mare ahead of the funeral of Jill Dando

Mr Dando told Ms Kelly: “As the weeks have turned into the months and the months have turned into years and the years have now turned into decades – and nobody has been convicted of Jill’s murder – I tend to think that it wasn’t a professional hit.

“I think you can rule out the Serbian hitman, a popular theory doing the rounds at the time.”

He added: “For what it’s worth, my belief is that it was just a misguided individual who was in that street on the day with a firearm, who knew where Jill lived and who just struck lucky.

“For whatever reason that person did what that person did, I doubt we will ever know now, because of that passage of time.”

The Murder of Jill Dando is now available on iPlayer.

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